Bakewell Tart Reference

So now… I’ve decided to set up a few challenges for myself. Gluten Free Recipe Challenges. It actually would be great to have a recipe competition for finding the best substitutes for one’s favorite gluten filled recipes. Thanks to the BBC series and the character DCI Gene Hunt, I think I may have found my first challenge.

My husband and I adore watching the show Life on Mars. In one episode the hard-nosed Detective Chief Inspector gives Detective Inspector Sam Tyler a hard time for being a little too soft…”Should I bring out the Bakewell Tarts and a spot of tea?” he jabs.


So now being very uneducated about British cuisine I search google for bakewell tart images and the history and I find this. I also find this absolutely delicious sounding recipe on Foodaholic: Celebrating the Bakewell Tart. Note, the image of the tart on this blog is far more tantalizing that the one I found below.

My first challenge will of course be creating a decent shortbread… which I suspect may not be that hard…it might just take a good and selective blend of tapioca, potato, and dairy whey, with either rice or sorghum flours. The frangipan filling is easy enough. Check back by the end of the month I may have something for you.



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  1. Jona Titus

    Hey, what a great challenge. I SO want the recipe when you’ve figured it out.

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